Feel the steel.

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Have you ever seen a sword forged?
The fire, anvil, hammer and the Toledan steel are waiting for you.

Antonio Arellano Pulgar

Master swordsmith since 2002, nowadays Antonio Arellano is the most representative craftsman of Toledo. Some of his pieces have been used in the filming of current popular Spanish series such as Águila Roja, Isabel o La Peste and in internationals collaborations with Disney or Shonda Rhimes producer.

Visit and discover a real sword workshop.

Discover each and every one of the ancestral techniques and the phases of the true Toledan sword-making elaboration process in the craftman´s own workshop.

Personalize your own dagger or sword.

Feel the forged , tempering and polishing of steel and personalize your own dagger, dirk or sword un our interactive crafts workshops.

Get surprised with the exhibitions.

Travel through the famed Toledo sword-making history and get surprised with the exhibition of master pieces such as Iberian falcata, mediaeval or rapier swords.

Antonio Arellano calentando acero frente a la fragua

Phone: +34 640 38 52 61
Toledo (Spain)

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